Innovation Center

Welcome to the Carver Elementary Innovation Center!

Hours: 7:35 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Innovation is a specialist class all students visit once every six days. During that time, they learn literacy and technology skills. Students may come to the Innovation Center on an individual basis any time the Innovation Center is open or when they have their homeroom teacher’s permission.

Book Checkout: 3 book limit

The check out period is two weeks, and students may renew books when the Innovation Center is open or during their class time. 

Overdue books:

We do not charge fines for overdue books. An automatic email reminder goes out on Sundays for any overdue books. Students are responsible for bringing their books to the media center.

Lost & Damaged Books:

We make every effort to assist your child in locating their books. Students who have lost or damaged a book will be expected to replace or pay for the replacement of the book.


Andy Wilson
Information and Innovation Learning Specialist