Site Improvement Plan

Strategic Direction #1: Improving teaching and personalized learning for the development of each learner.

 How will we   measure?  Raise the number of students meeting state   standards in Reading and Math by 2-6   percentage points.
 What are   we doing?
  • Make sure our teaching is aligned to the state expectations.
  • Check in with students frequently to make sure they are continuing to grow in their learning.
  • Have more lessons that involve active learning by students.
 What will   you notice?
  •  More lessons on work on important academic vocabulary.
  • Checks of student learning that could be short quizzes and student reflections. Some will be paper and pencil, and some will be electronic.
  • Fewer “closed” activities where possible student answers are narrow and more “open” activities, where students have to find complicated answers.


Strategic Direction #2: Fostering a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment

 How will we   measure?  Increase the number of students saying they   have a trusted adult at school and feel safe at   school.
 What are   we doing?
  • Year two implementation of Conscious Discipline which focuses on the notion of the “School Family.”
  • Daily Morning Meeting in all spaces used to foster community and provide social and emotional support for students.
  • Partner upper and lower grade classrooms as “PALS” in which students can learn from one another while building positive relationships with staff and peers.
 What will   you notice?
  • A commitment to support community building and strong relationships throughout our school family.
  • Regular updates about Morning Meeting lessons and Conscious Discipline resources that help support emotional growth at home.
  • Emotional growth from your learner.