Spread Carver Kindness

This month’s district theme is KINDNESS. One way that Carver Elementary plans to show kindness during this busy holiday season is by sponsoring our SPREAD KINDNESS Holiday gift card program. Beginning November 20th, we will be collecting gift cards to support our own Carver families during the holiday season. In line with November’s theme of KINDNESS, our gift card collection will run from November 20th to December 1. Distribution will take place on Friday December 15th. Gift card ideas include restaurants, gasoline, grocery or clothing (Target, Walmart, Super America, Cub Foods, etc.). Children can help by including a Kindness Card wishing someone happy holidays or any other well wishes with the idea that “KINDNESS IS FREE SPRINKLE THAT STUFF EVERYWHERE”. Hopefully, by providing some assistance to families for the basic essentials, our families will have a little something extra for the holiday season. Families needing assistance and not receiving assistance from elsewhere may... Continue reading Spread Carver Kindness

Our new-look elementary gradebooks/Parent Portal

If something looks different when you check grades in Parent Portal (aka Infinite Campus), it’s by design. As part of our focus on personalized learning, we modified Parent Portal to match a grading system that measures learning — the concepts a student knows and can apply. Too often in the past, traditional grades were goals to reach in order to stop learning. That’s not productive or a reflection of how people actually learn. Learning is a process — sometimes it comes quickly, sometimes it requires extra review and practice. And a final grade, especially at elementary, should reflect a year’s worth of learning. Here’s what’s different in Parent Portal: Subjects (math, reading, etc.) are organized by Power Standard and learning targets. Each subject has Power Standards and under each Power Standard are learning targets. Students show their teacher they have learned each target and once all targets are learned, we are confident the student can apply that Power Standard.... Continue reading Our new-look elementary gradebooks/Parent Portal

Construction going strong as 2015 bond projects take shape

Voters approved a bond referendum in 2015 for a few projects including Carver Elementary School, a pool addition at Pioneer Ridge and a multi-purpose facility at Chaska Middle School East. Here are some updates shared with the School Board on April 24: Carver Elementary School is starting to look like a school. It is scheduled to open this fall. A video update of progress this week is courtesy of district parent Eric Kirsling. The steel shell of the building is complete along with the roof. Exterior walls, weather barrier and insulation are about 90 percent complete. Exterior brick and masonry work is underway. The gym floor was poured on Monday. Electrical and plumbing rough-ins and HVAC ducting are nearly complete on the first floor academic wing, and framing is starting. Utility rough-ins on the second floor of the academic wing continue this week. Regarding the multi-purpose facility and pool: Fences will be up around Pioneer Ridge as leveling the ground and digging the hole... Continue reading Construction going strong as 2015 bond projects take shape