1st- 4th grade Summer Sketchbook Challenge  – Carver and Clover Ridge are both Participating!

Welcome to the Summer Sketchbook Challenge!  This is a great way to keep up your creativity over the summer—bring it with you on your many adventures. You will need to get a sketchbook/drawing pad that is at least 6×8 inches, but no bigger than 9×12 inches.  4th graders, you may use your portfolio sketchbook from this past year of art if you wish! Consider decorating the cover!  You can draw or collage on the cover to decorate it in a fun and exciting way! Make it your very own creative journal.
The challenges are set up in a way that they give you some direction but also allow you to make them your very own. They are also designed to get you to try things you may not normally try.   I have 30 challenges this year.  Take your time, do good quality work and have fun.  Each drawing or sketch should take you at least 30 minutes to complete, and some may take you longer. Sketchbook drawings that do not look like quality work will not earn the award. You can use pencils, colored pencils, watercolors, collage, crayons, oil pastels, pens, or whatever you like, to complete the challenges.  BE CREATIVE!

You do not need to create the challenges in order.  You can pick and choose the ones you would like to do first or the ones that interest you the most to start working through the challenges.   Fill up the page with your work!! Include a background, a setting, or place.  This is what makes the sketches fun and interesting.  Also, please indicate the number of the challenge either in the corner of the work, incorporate it into the work, or write it on the back.

Turn in your sketchbooks at Open House in August at Carver or Clover Ridge to claim your prize for your summer’s work. Your sketchbooks will also go on display for the first few weeks of school as our first art show of the year! You can earn prizes for 3 Levels of completion – 15 sketches, 20 sketches, and 25+ sketches.
I am looking forward to seeing all of the wonderful work that the students will create over the summer months.

Sincerely – Mrs. Nebel and Mr. Lenzmeier

The Challenges
1. Design the cover of your sketchbook
2. Fill a page with your favorite shapes, different sizes and a variety of lines and or fill them in.
3. Draw a mode of transportation, real or imagined (for the air, land, sea, or space)
4. Draw the image of a four legged friend
5. Draw your name in a new Font you invented
6. Draw what inspires you
7.  Create or draw storybook character – be sure to include the background
8.  Draw a place you want to visit
9.  A creation of your Choice
10. Draw or create something you love.
11. Create something robotic.
12. Design your own comic strip –complete with dialogue.
13. A Cake Design.
14. Draw a self-portrait.
15. Come up with your own machine.
16. Zentangle the page!!
17. A Superhero – real or imagined
18. Draw a Fairytale – characters and all!
19. Draw an imagined sea creature or monster
20. A Skateboard or surfboard design
21. A creature of the air
22. Create a collage using magazine/newspaper images – you can draw on or around it too.
23. Draw something from observation
24.  Still life – place some kitchen items on the table and draw them.
25. Make up a creature and its environment
26. A nature drawing – get outside and draw something that interests you.
27. Design a dream house – detail, detail, and detail (real or imagined)
28. Draw your drawing supplies
29. An inanimate object come to life
30. Doodle the whole page – this may take a few days!  Have fun!
31+  Just keep on creating!