1st-4th grade Summer Sketchbook Challenge

1st- 4th grade Summer Sketchbook Challenge  – Carver and Clover Ridge are both Participating! Welcome to the Summer Sketchbook Challenge!  This is a great way to keep up your creativity over the summer—bring it with you on your many adventures. You will need to get a sketchbook/drawing pad that is at least 6×8 inches, but no bigger than 9×12 inches.  4th graders, you may use your portfolio sketchbook from this past year of art if you wish! Consider decorating the cover!  You can draw or collage on the cover to decorate it in a fun and exciting way! Make it your very own creative journal. The challenges are set up in a way that they give you some direction but also allow you to make them your very own. They are also designed to get you to try things you may not normally try.   I have 30 challenges this year.  Take your time, do good quality work and have fun.  Each drawing or sketch should take you at least 30 minutes to complete, and some may take you longer.... Continue reading 1st-4th grade Summer Sketchbook Challenge