Voters approved a bond referendum in 2015 for a few projects including Carver Elementary School, a pool addition at Pioneer Ridge and a multi-purpose facility at Chaska Middle School East. Here are some updates shared with the School Board on April 24:

Carver Elementary School is starting to look like a school. It is scheduled to open this fall.

Carver Elementary School is under construction in April 2017.

The yellow area will be the main entrance of Carver Elementary. Classrooms will be to the right; gym and cafeteria are to the left.

  • A video update of progress this week is courtesy of district parent Eric Kirsling.
  • The steel shell of the building is complete along with the roof.
  • Exterior walls, weather barrier and insulation are about 90 percent complete.
  • Exterior brick and masonry work is underway.
  • The gym floor was poured on Monday.
  • Electrical and plumbing rough-ins and HVAC ducting are nearly complete on the first floor academic wing, and framing is starting.
  • Utility rough-ins on the second floor of the academic wing continue this week.

Regarding the multi-purpose facility and pool:

  • Fences will be up around Pioneer Ridge as leveling the ground and digging the hole (earthwork) for the pool is expected to start next week. The pool is on track to be ready in early 2018.
  • For the multi-purpose facility, fences also will go up within a week. Earthwork will start in mid-May. Plan for the multi-purpose facility is to be ready for dome-raising in November. The dome will be removed in warm months.